Container Potting

May 27, 2015 in News, Nursery News

Container Potting is now in full swing.  We have completed most of the herbaceous perennials to ensure a wide range of colourful interest through the summer and early autumn months, with candelabra primulas in flower now and Astilbes and Irises on the cusp.

Over the week ahead we will be potting up some of the less common ericaeous plants including Eucryphia, Cornus Norman Hadden, Carpenteria, Embothrium and some new plants such as Sycoparrotia.

We still have good ranges of summer flowering Shrubs such as Hydrangea, Spiraea, Rosmaries and Prostanthera (mint bushes) to sell.

It is always a pleasure to see visitors to the Nursery and I would encourage you to  come and enjoy the experience.